Our Patient Testimonials

We receive many thank you cards from our patients and family members after orthodontic treatment is completed . We would like to share a few with you.


My treatment was very successful and worthwhile. Now I can smile with pride.

Tom Y.

Every visit was great with all of you here at the office. I'm very happy and pleased with the results. Thank you. Your work is appreciated. Thanks again.

Dorothy B.

Very nice job. Loved the kind service throughout the process and love the end result!

Kirsten S.

Amazing experience—Amazing results!!!!!

Kristin H.

Great staff, always friendly and kind. Doctor is always caring and friendly also!!!

Kayla C.

I love the way my teeth have turned out, they're awesome!! Thanks.

Kyla T.

Very friendly staff and excellent service!

Louie R.

It didn't only change my teeth, it changed my looks completely! I love the staff too! They are so loving. Thank you all!!

Brittany D.

My teeth look great! I got my braces off sooner that I thought I would. Which is a good thing.

Alexys E.

Staff is very nice. Doctor knew what he was doing.

Bryan O.

Great staff and great results. Love my new smile!

Kailey c.

I experienced great care and felt that the entire staff worked hard to allow me to get a great smile.

Makayla P.

I love this office and all the staff. Fantastic!!!!!

Jasmine J.

The staff made sure that everything was going well, and my smile would end up looking wonderful—and it does! They dedicate themselves to making beautiful smiles in people of all ages. Thank you!


I really liked coming here. This was a very great experience over the past few years. I had a great time. Thank you again for my beautiful smile!

Chloe D.

I always recommend this office. Excellent customer service and personal experience. The staff and doctor make the whole family part of the experience. Dr. Bauer and staff are above all others. Blessings.

Angie M.

TMJ has improved significantly. Friendly staff that knows what they're doing. Thank you.

Alex L.

You guys are perfectionists. Thank you so much! Much camaraderie here over the past two years.

Megan W.

I was surprised with how little time I had to wear my braces.

Liam M.

I was very happy with my treatment here. Everybody is very nice and willing to help me with anything. I really enjoyed getting my braces here.

McKenzie K.

All of you are so sweet! I was so scared when I first got my braces but I soon realized how silly it was to worry because my teeth were in good hands! Thank you all so much!

Anastasia M.
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